Marshall University
Institutional Biosafety Committee

Chair: Donald A. Primerano, Ph.D.

Committee Members: Constance Berk, Pier Paolo Claudio, Bruce Day, Nathan Douglas, Wade Douglas, M. Carletta Fannin, Todd Green, William McCumbee, Donald Primerano, Nalini Santanam, Chris Schlenker, Vincent Sollars, Jagan Valluri, Hongwei Yu 

Ex Officio:  Tracy Smith

NonMU Members: Howard Aulick, Donald Seibert

Biosafety Committee Policy Statement
 MS Word | PDF

Safety Contacts

Tracy Smith
Environmental Health and Safety Department
Sorrell Building Room 103

Nathan Douglas
Chemical and Biological Safety Officer
MU safety and health

William D. McCumbee,
Radiation Safety Office

rDNA-Infectious Agent Application Form

Recombinant DNA-Infectious Agent-Biological
Toxin Form     PDF | Word

Instructions  on completing DNA form-

Workplace Injury/Illness Report Form

Workplace Injury/Illness Report Form

Biohazardous Spill Occurrence Form
MS Word | Web page

Management of Spills
MS Word | PDF

Antimicrobial Products Registered with the EPA as Sterilizers

General Biosafety Guidelines

  1. Biosafety Self-Audit Checklist New
  2. Office of Biotechnology Assesment
  3. NIH Guidelines for rDNA research: 
  4. Investigator Responsibilities under the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules
  5. "Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories"  (BMBL) 5th Edition"  
  6. Risk Group Classification for Infectious Agents
  7. State of WV Infectious Medical Waste Program
  8. Select Agent List
  9. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Fact Sheet
  10. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (29.1910.1030)
  11. Good Microbiological Practices
  12. Biological Safety Levels 
  13. BMBL Appendix H - Working with Human, NHP and Other Mammalian Cells and Tissues

MU Biosafety Guidelines

1.  Safe Handling of Cell Lines - PDF

2. Infectious Waste Management Plan - PDF

3. IBC Glove Use Policy - PDF

4. BBSC Exposure Control Plan - PDF

5. MU IBC Ultraviolet Lamp Usage in Biological Safety Cabinets Policy - PDF new


 Online Biosafety Training

Useful Biosafety Links

Infectious  Waste
 Management Training:

Power Point Presentation - HTML 
Power Point  file -

  Training Seminars

  NIH Workshop Presentations  




Completed rDNA/infectious agent applications should be signed electronically and emailed as pdfs to Donald A. Primerano, PhD Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee (

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