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Biological structure is of fundamental importance to biomedical scientific disciplines. Anatomical scientists work with biological structure and function at levels ranging from the molecular, e.g., nucleic acids and proteins, through cells and tissue components to the entire organism.

The instructional programs of the Section of Anatomy,  facilitate the attainment by medical students of a level of knowledge and understanding of the anatomical sciences sufficient to comprehend the morphological basis of medicine. Acquisition of personal informational skills is expedited by the availability of a variety of learning resources, including human cadaver material, computers in the gross anatomy laboratory, network software, models, images, and videos. Advanced elective courses are offered to qualified students throughout their four years of medical training. In both the medical and the graduate programs, some of the courses are interdisciplinary.

The goal of the graduate program in the Section of Anatomy, is to prepare an individual for a career of intellectual inquiry that manifests itself in scholarship and creativity. The doctoral program emphasizes freedom of investigation and expression, and aims to provide a thorough knowledge of the structural basis for cellular and higher order function in health and disease. Students working with faculty in this department gain excellent teaching experience by participating in the Department's innovative programs of instruction. Academic interests and training of the faculty of the Department generally complement and supplement each other, thus providing a stimulating environment and intellectual strength to the graduate training process. Research opportunities are available in neurobiology, particularly sensory mechanisms, including application to robotics, and in cellular biology, especially molecular aspects of male germ cell differentiation and calcium regulatory mechanisms